Tarpey Harris Morvern Group

Wax Division

2 x 100T MPI Wax Injection machines with sliding bed and interchangeable / dual tanks
2 x 50T Modtech Wax Injection Machines
5 x 35T tempcraft Wax injection machines
1 x 20T MPI wax injection machines
2 x 20T Modtech wax injection machines
3 x 50T MPI wax injection machines
3 x 50T MPI wax with SMEW tanks / docking stations
Fuji filmless 50-micron digital x Ray machine
1 x Xenotech engraving machine
4 x Suregrave engraving machines
1 x Panametrics 38DL wax wall thickness measuring equipment
38 wax assembly stations
4 x temperature-controlled delivery vehicles
Ultrasonic Washer
3 x CMM machines

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