Altaras Morvern Group

Altaras International offers full in-house design of all types of tooling for the investment casting and moulding industries, including wax pattern dies, ceramic core dies, gauges, reform fixtures, plastic injection and rubber injection moulding tools.

These designs are fully modelled on 3D software by designers with significant experience. Manufacturing is undertaken on our range of CNC’s by our experienced workforce. The entire process is managed by a fully embedded MRP system which gives visibility and capacity planning on all projects.

Completed tooling is inspected via our CMM machine to ensure accuracy and conformance to safety and precision certifications.

  • Full Design and manufacture
  • CMM Inspection
  • 3D Modelling
  • High Speed 3D Machining
  • Full five axis Machining

To find complete details and specifications about all our machines, please go to the machines section of our website here 

Altaras International manufactures wax pattern dies, and complex ceramic core dies specifically servicing the aeroengine and turbine markets. Having participated on the latest engine parts it has a successful track record of on time delivery and high quality. 

Commercial casting markets are also served for a variety of hardware applications for oil & gas, aerospace and defence. When low tooling costs are critical, Altaras’ streamlined manufacturing approach helps achieves those low costs, without compromising on quality.

All tooling can be fully injected in-house on our own two wax presses, allowing us to both test the tooling prior to shipment and supply first off samples or production wax patterns.

Altaras has a fully specialised unique range of Rapid Prototype and Development Tooling solutions offering quick turnaround, cost effective options for small batch runs of development components.

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