Tarpey Harris Morvern Group

Operating from a dedicated 14,000 sq. ft factory, which is a fully climate-controlled workspace, the wax shop has a large range of injection machines. These range from 20-100 ton with side, top and bottom feed configurations and include machine brands such as MPI, Modtech, Tempcraft and Manumold.

Tarpey are a fully accredited AS9100 Rev D facility. As part of their commitment to quality control and assessment, they make use of Filmless Digital X-ray capabilities for detecting internal pattern defects on cored parts and Panametric ultrasonic equipment for wall thickness measurement after the injection process.

Tarpey use a LK Integra CMM machine for pattern and component measurement to ensure conformity to specification and proper aerospace safety parameters. This also ensures full accountability and traceability in the production process; they also have two Suregrave Engraving machines which are used for accurate part serialisation and identification.

The manufacturing facility has over 30 assembly stations equipped with gas and electric soldering tools for all aspects of pattern dressing and cluster assembly, specialising in Equiax, DS and SX assemblies. Many stations also have manipulator arms to cater for larger parts.

Specially manufactured trolleys are used to transport the finished assemblies to the customer; using one of a fleet of climate-controlled vans – each equipped with its own tail lift for ease of delivery to the point of use.

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